Langate Connect

We are excited to introduce Langate Connect, a two-in-one software application offering remote access and online meeting capabilities.  The application enables users to control the desktop of another computer and offer web presentation services, facilitating cost-effective and flexible collaboration. It is the latest addition to our fast-growing portfolio of products available to new and existing clients.

Langate Connect is an intuitive remote support application that can run on all the major operating systems, including Windows, OSX and Android.  It can operate via laptop, desktop, server, VPS, and VM and consumes little memory or CPU.  It is equipped with a broad suite of features, such as screen recordings, chat functionality, remote reboot, role-based security, and advanced security via AES-256 encryption.

Current clients requesting Langate Connect will be able to install and use the application for free.  It will be available to all other companies on a licensed ‘per presenter’ basis.  Contact our sales team to learn more.