Cloud Solutions

Focus on your Business. We’ll Manage the Cloud.

What is “Managed Cloud?

Cloud allows processing, storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of strictly utilizing local hardware. Managed Cloud refers to leveraging cloud technology to strategically address your business goals without the frustration, cost, and time of managing it yourself.  

Before migrating your business’s core systems, applications and critical data into the cloud it is essential identify which infrastructure is best suited for your business needs. Cloud computing offers the flexibility of using a private, public or a mixture of the two – a “hybrid” cloud. 

Our Managed Cloud Solutions are designed to alleviate the stress and the heavy costs for managing your own cloud environment. Langate can help you extend your IT capabilities by identifying the best cloud solution for your business. We specialize in designing Private and Hybrid cloud systems that enable scalability, increase productivity and mobility, and improve data security at an affordable price.

Strategic Cloud 

Cloud technologies are disrupting business IT environments and essentially how businesses operate. But before your organization can take on the challenge of managing a complex cloud environment you need to be familiar with the basics of an effective cloud strategy. We help businesses by asking the right questions and identifying how private, public or hybrid cloud solutions can impact your business.

The benefits of cloud differ by business, but every business realizes the following key benefits:

Cost Benefits of Cloud No out-of-pocket infrastructure costs – With cloud computing, your business won’t need to buy additional servers, hardware or networking equipment to take advantage of a solution.

Associated Savings – Because we completely manage your cloud from A to Z your business reaps additional savings from Management, Licensing, Quality Assurance and access to expert engineers.

Savings from pay-as-you grow model – With our cloud solutions your business can increase or decrease it’s cloud usage whenever you need, paying for only what you use

Operational Advantages

  • Speedy Cloud Deployment – Thanks to advances in virtualization deploying new cloud servers has never been easier
  • Automated Operational Processes – Cloud can enhance your business operations by automating and improving specific processes 
  • Mobility – With Cloud your employees can easily access your company’s core systems and data, allowing them to work regardless of their physical location
  • Reduced Internal IT workload – Leverage Langate’s Managed Cloud Solutions to avoid the hassle of monitoring and managing of your infrastructure so that your internal IT can help support the company’s strategic operations
  • Broad Accessibility – Cloud allows easy access from almost any device with an internet connection
  • Flexible Customization and Control – We help you customize your cloud to fit your specific business needs
  • Increased employee productivity – With Cloud it has never been easier to collaborate. Leveraging cloud you can centralize your data so that sharing and storing across your business becomes a seamless process.
  • Reliability – Our Cloud Solutions are rigorously tested to ensure that even during system failures and/or natural disasters your data is readily available – dramatically reducing downtime.
  • Agility – Our cloud solutions allow your business to scale as it needs – without the investment in additional hardware.

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