Hybrid Cloud Solutions

New Generation of Managed Hybrid Cloud – Solutions for the Future

At Langate we believe in diverse tech-environments because no two businesses are truly alike. We give organizations the freedom in choosing between private, public and hybrid cloud in order to align best technologies for their specific needs.

Langate’s Hybrid Cloud combines the performance, security, control and compliance of private cloud with the flexibility and reliability of public cloud while maintaining interoperability, enhanced disaster recovery and lower IT expenses.

Our Hybrid Cloud Solution at a Glance:

  • Strategic Consulting – We help you identify the right cloud with the right cost, performance, security and policies
  • Accessibility – Leverage public and private cloud resources seamlessly so that your employees can work around the globe, rain or shine.
  • Scalability – Respond to your business needs immediately by expanding your network without the additional capital investments.
  • Innovation – Leverage Hybrid Cloud to open up new opportunities and solve complex business problems. Optimize people, process, decisions and assets
  • Increased Efficiency – Become more efficient by leveraging cloud to manage, store and always have access to your company’s data and resources
  • Agility – Mobilize your workforce through remote application delivery
  • Reliability –  Enhance availability by dynamically replicating your data to a secondary off-site cloud
  • Security  —  Enhance your security by centrally managing your data under an additional level of security provided by our Hybrid Cloud
  • Improved Performance – Our engineers work around the clock to pinpoint specific problems and optimize hybrid cloud performance
  • Flexibility – We offer Hybrid Solutions that is capable of supporting traditional and next-gen applications
  • Savings – Quickly expand your network without major expenses Add Disaster Recovery to your network to protect your business from natural disasters with minimal downtime

Our Managed Hybrid Cloud solutions are built so that organization can leverage new opportunities and solve complex business problems. To build successful environment we replicate data dynamically to eliminate bottlenecks and hardwire dependencies across your hybrid environment; while making sure that everything is secure and private.

With over 18 years of experience designing innovative cloud solutions for manufacturers, financial institutions, non-for-profit and healthcare organizations  we have helped them reinvent customer relationships, increase speed of product delivery and enhance collaboration among customers, employees and partners.

We build secure, scalable cloud solutions that allow for innovative business strategies that are geared for growth – Call us today to see what we can do for you!