Office 365 and Google Apps Migration

Can Your Employees work Anywhere, Anytime, on The Road or at Home?

Today’s business leaders require best tools available to help them run their business and stay competitive. With majority of the newest software being hosted in the cloud, organizations now more than ever are turning to the cloud to help them reach their goals. We help organizations of all sizes seamlessly migrate and integrate cloud based solutions into their daily operations.

Google Apps & Office 365 Migration

Email and collaboration tools are essential to every organization's success. Regardless of their business model, industry or size.  However, identifying and implementing the right tools that will improve how you do business is challenging.   

Langate specializes in helping businesses identify and leverage the right tools to improve employee productivity and increased efficiency throughout your business environment. We provide seamless migration to Google Apps and Office 365 in order to deliver the best available collaboration products while saving you from the headaches of implementing new technologies into your environment.

Our result? Reduced time and risk. A seamless migration project and happy productive employees.

Change Management

Advances in technology and shift of business needs often require a change management processes within an organization. Langate provides a fully managed migration plan that includes expert technology road map services to ensure an optimal migration to Microsoft and Google Apps solutions.

Seamless Migration

From assessment to deployment to support and training, Langate delivers a seamless migration experience. Our dedicated team of cloud architects, project managers and support specialists ensure that the design, implementation, support and training processes related to your new applications meet your organization’s needs.

Complete Transparency

We understand that during company-wide migrations, communication between IT departments, executives and users is essential in order to have a smooth transition. That is why we provide a detailed road map that entails all upcoming changes, timelines, and user documentation regarding new features and what to expect after the migration is complete. We ensure that all the requirements and operational processes are always managed, communicated and documented.

Management by Experts

With hundreds of migrations performed over the last 18 years, we are able to forecast and understand risks, cost, training and support needs and other issues that can effect a project’s success. Langate’s project consulting services ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment.