Business VoIP Service

Business VoIP Solutions

Having a smart phone system is essential in today’s business world. Our enterprise grade VoIP solution eliminates natural barriers and offers a feature rich, cost effective unified platform for all of your business communications.

Langate supports and provides VoIP services to organizations of all sizes and industries in the tri-state area. We specialize in interconnecting various spectrums of telecommunications into a single, managed, unified platform that is customizable, easy to use and cost-efficient.

Benefits of our VoIP Solution:

Exceptional Mobility

 – A cloud based phone service offers businesses with multiple locations and remote workforce the tools necessary to operate as if everyone was under one roof. A partner in a different continent can be only an extension away.

Managed VoIP Solution

We offer a fully managed business VoIP solutions and services. This includes round-the-clock technical support, proactive monitoring, security updates and platform-wide upgrades for hassle-free and seamless connectivity.

Innovative Tools

— Our solution integrate VoIP phone service with new tools and mobile applications so that your business can constantly stay connected using latest communication tools.

Look and Feel like an Enterprise

–Empower your business with big business features such as auto-attendant, corporate directory, music-on-hold, conference bridging, voicemail-to-email, and so much more.

Disaster Proof

– A cloud based platform provides redundancy in case of a system or a power failure. Our smart platform enables comprehensive call routing; providing your business with the comfort knowing that they your customers can always be reach you.


– With our low monthly fees and advanced features, your business will start to financially benefit from your first dial. We concentrate on building “business-specific” solutions that help to increase revenue with on average savings of 30-40%, with up to 70% for companies that frequently call across the globe.

Virtual Meetings

– HD video conferencing tool can combine up to 15 people at once, eliminating the need of physical presence and significantly reducing any need for travel expenses.