Langate Healthcare IT – Enhancing Delivery of Care

Every modern healthcare organization heavily relies on technology. With the new healthcare reforms technology starts to serve as backbone of care delivery, and often times a government mandated requirement.

We offer a wide range of Healthcare IT focused solutions that play vital role in care delivery organizations. Technologies we implement improve efficiency, care delivery and help you comply with evolving mandates and regulations. From Electronic Health Record (EHR or EMR) systems, day to day operations support, to custom platforms developed based on your specific needs, Langate’s team of Healthcare-focused experts provides your organization with the exact set of tools you need to deliver best in class point of care service to your patients.

We’re not just an IT company – we’re a technology partner that understands healthcare, and creates comprehensive solutions to tackle industry’s biggest challenges.

Technology Solutions for Healthcare:

Software Development Our software development team specializes in creating web applications, Windows applications and complex platforms for the healthcare industry. In addition, we also offer project management, implementation services for all major EMR vendors and departmental solutions, as well as system and workflow optimization.

Patient Engagement – We create applications that can help Providers change the habits of patients by overcoming barriers to patient engagement. For example, a user friendly smartphone app or other online tool can enhance patient experience with seamless health tracking and easy access to their physician to help patients achieve their health goals faster.

Telemedicine The challenge of wireless networking is a significant issue for the adoption of Telemedicine. We help provider of all sizes adopt this emerging practice and setup networks that can maintain telemedicine utilization, helping practices expand their outreach and penetrate new markets.

Mobile health and BYOD We specialize in delivering mobility to healthcare, and enabling decision makers establish BYOD policies that meet security and HIPAA requirements through identification and access management applications.

The Cloud – Our Cloud is designed with healthcare in mind. We help providers with issues related to data encryption, hardware ownership, HIPAA compliance and overall security. Small provider groups can now leverage cloud solutions and other tools that facilitate EHR systems. Until recently these technologies were available to only large enterprises. We make enterprise grade technologies available and affordable to organization of all sizes. 

Storage Infrastructure With strict HITECH Act and Data Retention Laws, the amount of data and length of time data must be stored threatens to rapidly exceed existing storage capacity.  We provide storage solutions that make it possible to safely store large amounts by virtualizing storage in storage area networks with offsite-data replication.

Technology Automation We focus on streamlining operational and supply chain processes to reduce overall technology maintenance costs. Langate’s solutions can automate your management systems, track patient progress, and improve responsiveness to healthcare providers. Our healthcare tools are designed to enhance clinical performance and improve the delivery of care.

Our fully Managed IT services that can help you:

  • Enable ease of access to critical patient data
  • Dramatically enhance the performance of your EHR system
  • Optimize your network infrastructure
  • Decrease the risk of HIPAA related violations
  • Ensure that your mission critical applications are backed up, protected and running smoothly

Over 100 major healthcare organizations are benefiting from our custom software solutions. Yours could be next. 

Developing custom, regulatory-compliant healthcare software and applications requires experience, agility and innovation. We have just the team for that. 

Our software development team has over 10 years of experience developing enterprise-grade Web, Windows and Mobile applications and platforms. Our solutions have been created and used by a range of healthcare companies, including billing services, clinical trials, and long-term care facilities. 

 Our insight and experience will help you standardize and optimize your business workflow, as well as increase revenue through error reduction and simplification. We manage and enforce compliance, policies and procedures to help you maximize revenue per patient. 

• Application Development – With domain industry expertise in healthcare, financial services, non-profits, and other industries, our talented team of software developers deliver cost effective, enterprise solutions utilizing Microsoft .NET technologies.

• Open Source Solutions – We deliver custom tailored and highly customized open source solutions, including CMS and complex communication platforms. 

• Mobile Applications – We know how to create effective standalone apps and apps that connect to your online servers. Let smartphones be a seamless extension of your existing solution. 

• Ecommerce Solutions – Our experts can provide you with the proper guidance for your online store and boost your business’ sales and revenue. 

• Patient tracking system – React quicker to new patient referrals and track all aspects of patient financials from admission to discharge. We created a single platform to manage patients from multiple facilities and built intelligent alerting with condition analytics and guidance. 

Porfolio – Patient Tracking System (PTS) 

• Patient eligibility verification platforms – Instantly and cost-effectively verify Medicare, Medicaid and HMO patient eligibility through custom eligibility verification platform integrated with different billing systems. This solution is able to verify coverage details, and track ongoing payer changes. 

Portfolio – Approved Admissions 

We can supplement your existing team

Do you have an in-house software development team, but require a few more hands on deck? Our software developers can be hired to supplement your team and lend support when it matters most. Our developers are skilled in many different areas and can help you finish your project within your timeframe and budget.