Doctor’s Offices

We Understand Challenges Doctors Face

We understand that for doctors providing the best care for their patients is top priority. As if this wasn’t challenging enough, healthcare providers are constantly under pressure to deliver high quality products and services, reduce costs and invest in modern technologies. Langate specializes in helping healthcare organizations leverage technology to address critical compliance requirements and improvements to patient-care. We help your medical office by optimizing their infrastructure, provide enhanced seamless support and design a roadmap for compliance that will harden security, while minimizing the impact to doctors, staff, and most importantly patients.

Our consultants will work with you to improve processes and techniques to provide you with the most reliable and useful tools to serve your patients’ needs.

Our fully Managed IT services that can help you:

  • Enable ease of access to critical patient data
  • Dramatically enhance the performance of your EHR system
  • Optimize your network infrastructure
  • Decrease the risk of HIPAA related violations
  • Ensure that your mission critical applications are backed up, protected and running smoothly

Why Langate’s Managed Services?

  • Reduced downtime – We pro-actively monitor and maintain (24x7x365) the health and performance of your IT infrastructure allowing us to remediate any issues, avoid system failures and downtime. In a case that a site visit is required, immediate we guarantee a rapid response.
  • Security – We make sure that all your crucial data is backed up by our multiple world-class data centers. Your data is protected by multiple layers of security – from pre-transfer AES256 encryption, to SSL-encrypted tunnels/VPNs during transfer, and data centers with multiple layers of security. Rest assured, your data is as safe in our hands as it is in yours (if not safer!).
  • Predictable IT Cost – Our services and fees are 100% transparent, so you know exactly what it costs every month to manage your IT infrastructure
  • Expert Advice – Our technicians are thoroughly trained with Practice Management, Electronic Health Records, and other software. You will never need to coordinate between IT companies again.

Cloud Solutions for HealthCare

  • Private and Secure – Our private cloud is extremely secure, minimizing the risk of data theft, data loss or other issues
  • Accelerate Growth – You no longer need to invest in expensive on-site servers and software upgrades. Our cloud does it for you so you can scale as needed singulair for asthma.
  • Greater Flexibility – Want to upgrade to new software?  Need to share new regulations and compliance data?  Langate’s Private Cloud makes it easy to make these changes and spread the wo
  • Hosting Solutions – We provide an end-to-end EHR hosting solution. By hosting your EHR and other line of business applications with us you get access to sophisticated hardware capabilities as a service and avoid some of the upfront and ongoing expenses tied to equipment, personnel and operations. Our datacenter operates with 99.99% availability, and we take care of all the server maintenance, managing backups, installing upgrades and new software releases.