Long Term Care Organizations

Support your LTC facility with secure and effective technology

Is your long-term care facility overwhelmed by outdated and ineffective technology? Langate partners with LTC facilities to bring advanced technology solutions to your healthcare business. We offer managed IT services, cloud solutions and software development that meet today’s healthcare requirements and regulations and prepare your business for the future. Our solutions will:

  • Increase operational efficiencies with providers and patients
  • Align healthcare company with industry regulations, including HIPAA compliance
  • Minimize medical errors and maximize safety across your organization
  • Improve communication amongst all parties, from staff to pharmacies to residents

As a LTC company in the New York City area, you need a long term commitment from an IT company you can trust. We have over 18 years of experience working with healthcare companies in the NYC area and thoroughly understand the demands of this fast-paced environment. We can have engineers on-site within minutes and are supported by top-level data centers.

Our Solutions for LTC

Managed IT Services – We work with companies in the long-term care industry to optimize technology. We can

  • Automate and standardize crucial processes, such as level of care assessments and reconciliation
  • Build security around incident reporting systems and medical data
  • Implement vital service plans, fee schedules, monitoring tools and visit verification tools
  • Analyze reporting processes, common procedures, and provider credentials

Cloud Solutions for Healthcare – When caring for patients as long as you do, privacy and access are essential. By transitioning to the cloud, your LTC facility can provide more access to data, while maintaining personal information security. We can setup pure cloud environments, as well as hybrid clouds and BDR solutions, to make sure you the exact infrastructure specs you need.

Software Development for Healthcare – When the software or application you need doesn’t come out of a box, Langate can provide the customization you seek. Our expert software development team has the ability to adapt your current software for better utilization, introduce customized solutions tailored to your business, and train your staff for hassle-free transition.

Find the best technology solution for your Long Term Care business.