Light Manufacturing Companies

Langate for Manufacturers: Improve Efficiency and Streamline Operations

Are you faced with numerous challenges that impact your strategic initiatives?

With today’s global competition US based manufacturing and distribution companies face number of challenges that directly affects their strategic initiatives: expansion into new markets, multifaceted supply chains, and pioneering business models to name a few. To overcome these challenges and succeed, manufacturers need to implement innovative solutions that can improve operational processes and help them capture new opportunities.

How Langate Can Help Your Operations?

  • We strive to become a trusted technology partner for Manufacturers that delivers reliable IT and focuses on continuously optimizing your network to ensure minimal downtime, as well as provide dedicated support, maintenance and management of your technologies.
  • Our team of software developers specialize on merging your manufacturing resource planning MRP/ERP with other line of business applications to stream line operations and improve functions like logistics, account handling, finance, communications, inventory control and much more.
  • How important is your data? We take data security very seriously! That is why we put additional measures in place to make computers, servers and networks safe, backed up and protected in case a security breach or a natural disaster.
  • Are you experiencing re-occurring issues and your IT guy can’t seem to figure out why? We provide around the clock pro-active IT and network management to ensure that your technology is always working. We become an essential part of your company and take responsibility to tackle all technology issues to prevent them from reoccurring and triggering system failures.
  • Our team of dedicated engineers and consultants ensure that our Manufacturing clients get the business results they demand from their technology investments. We help Manufacturers with product selection, procurement process, implementation, maintenance, and management. On average reducing IT related costs by 20–30%, while also increasing the reliability and performance of your IT operations. Our Result – higher employee productivity, streamed lined operations, business continuity. For more about our strategic IT consulting services, click here.

Langate has been providing technology solutions and IT Services to manufacturing companies in the New York City area for almost two decades. We understand the challenging nature of your business and can quickly implement technology to improve your operations. Our solutions are designed to help manufacturing companies like yours produce faster, better and more efficiently.