Langate Helps Retailers Operate Efficiently and Can Improve Customer Satisfaction 

With the increasing globalization in retail, both in terms of their points-of-sale and their points-of-supply; IT now plays vital role in the management of complex retail operations. Technology is key to improving data management, security and communication between all locations, departments, vendors. Langate can help retailers by managing their entire portfolio of technologies as well as consult them on tools that can provide valuable business intelligence.  As markets are continuing to grow and are becoming more complex; we focus on streamlining processes and deploying advanced technologies to help retailers not only cope with their challenges but also gain a competitive advantage. 

Whether you’re an apparel retailer, furniture supplier, jewelry store, or e-commerce retailer, working with us can help you:

  • We manage networks and all core business systems to increase the company’s agility and ability to respond to the evolving marketplace through enhanced operational efficiency
  • Introdce technologies that will allow retailers to collect vital data in order to make smarter strategic decisions 
  • Eliminate operational bottlenecks and deliver cost saving benefits through better use of technology
  • Implement technologies that will enhance you customer's shopping experience and improve satisfaction 
  • Integrate systems so that our customers make the most out of their business processes 
  • Design custom e-commerce platform to deliver seamless shopping experience and keep your customers returning for more

Managed IT Services – From proactive monitoring and network support to hardware supplies and software updates, we do it all for you. And if your retail company is located in New York City, we can have a technician on-site within minutes to give you hands-on support.
Cloud Solutions – With so many locations around the nation or world, you need a secure place to store and access all your data. Our private cloud provides the perfect solution, enabling all the right safeguards and all the capabilities to give your entire team the info it needs anytime, anywhere, on any device.
Software Development Services for Retail – Our software development team is highly skilled in working with and creating applications for retail services (just check out what we did with Bunddler). We can create your e-commerce website, build you a stronger CMS, or develop integrated ERP solutions for your business.
C-Suite Consulting – Whatever business challenge you face, Langate has a solution. Our IT Consulting for Retail Services is adept at solving the latest technological challenges in the industry, whether it affects your supply chains, inventory or customers.