Online Retailers

Affiordable Technology Solutions for E-commerce 

Today’s retailers rely heavily on technology to allow them to process transactions, maintain accurate inventory, and track online orders.  Running an E-commerce business can be a challenge, but our smart solutions put all your worries at ease.  We can make your operations, supply chains and billing more efficient or develop a CMS that gives you the capability to sell more online.  

Langate can help retailers by managing their entire portfolio of technologies as well as consult them on tools that can provide valuable business intelligence.  As markets are continuing to grow and are becoming more complex; we focus on streamlining processes and deploying advanced technologies to help retailers not only cope with their challenges but also gain a competitive advantage. 

What we can do for your E-commerce

  • Provide immediate support.  Langate’s 24/7/365 support and engineers are available to resolve any issues that occur immediately.
  • Design a technology roadmap and budget to replace aging hardware.  Our Network Assessment process allows us to develop a detailed set of recommendations that address all of our clients’ technology issues.
  • Eliminate operational bottlenecks and deliver cost saving benefits through better use of technology
  • We can create your e-commerce website, build you a stronger CMS, or develop integrated ERP solutions for your business.
  • Integrate systems so that our customers make the most out of their business processes 
  • Deploy a hosted network.  We can design a hosted network so that you can seamlessly connect remote stores to each other. Many of our retail clients are operating on a hosted network.
  • Langate delivers the benefit of a full service technology partner that can support your business from everyday support to CIO level consulting.